Samara Goldberg was a former challenger, now a challenge partner!

My connection with Samara actually began with her mother, believe it or not!  Arden Greenspan is a well-known and deeply respected psychologist who partnered with and advised us a few times over the years.  Samara came to BoCo as a challenge participant, and she became one of our most active and hard-core clients.  Her energy is so incredibly positive, and I was excited to learn about her life coaching business since she is also such a great listener and thoughtful advisor.

I am excited to announce that Samara has joined us as one of our challenge partners. (She is offering each of our challengers a free coaching session!)  In this interview, I have asked her to describe her experiences in previous challenges and to tell you a little bit about herself and her coaching philosophy.

Enjoy — and see you (and Samara!) in the challenge!

~ Mahri


Name: Samara Goldberg

Where did you grow up?

I was born in Manhattan, NY but I grew up in a smaller town called New City. I was lucky enough to come into the city many weekends as a child! 

Tell us a little bit about yourself! What do you do, and why did you choose this field?

I have many passions in life including musical theatre performance, teaching children, writing and traveling the world. These four things, along with my positive outlook on life led me to my career as a Life Coach. I was lucky enough to study in the Professional Coaching Program at New York University where I learned all about transformational coaching for sustainable change. My biggest passion involves connecting with people and guiding them to live at their highest potentials. I chose this field because it seamlessly fit into my life as a natural optimist and student of life. I am constantly learning, questioning and appreciating what each day has to offer. My personal belief is that everything in life is either a lesson or a blessing. The decisions and choices we make are all a part of the journey and lead us to our next beautiful beginning. 

You have done our challenges!! Which ones did you do, and what kind of results did you see?

Yes!!! I am a big fan and advocate for Body Conceptions and the challenges just bring that to a whole new level. My first experience at BoCo last summer was a challenge and it really motivated and inspired me. I made new friends and created bonds with the instructors who genuinely cared about my journey during and after the challenge. I have done two challenges and I am so excited to be a part of this summer challenge, as well! My confidence radiates and I always see such amazing physical results! 

What did you like about our challenges?

I mentioned this above, but my favorite part about these challenges are the instructors who really have your back. I feel so supported in every aspect by Mahri and her truly motivating and positive instructors. Everybody is so kind and there is a healthy competition amongst supportive and like-minded women. We all want the best for each other and we are all winners, even though there is always one winner who we are ALL impressed by! This will be my third challenge and I know I will be a part of many, many more as a challenger and as a partner! 

Getting through a challenge can definitely be difficult, especially half-way through. Did you go through any of that? And how did you handle your own obstacles?

Its funny you mention the difficulties considering everything I wrote above. You would never even know that any part of this is actually hard!! Well, physically this is absolutely an unbelievable transformation, and it does take a ton of effort and hard work! As hard as it can be, I’ve realized that the more committed I am to mindful eating and continuing the BoCo classes, the stronger and more toned I become. The classes become second nature and my healthy habits in life become a natural part of who I am and who I want to be. 

What would you tell people who might want to try one of our challenges but who might be scared to go for it?

Any person of any shape, size or gender is capable of doing this challenge. It isn’t easy, but you do become stronger and more confident throughout the process. If you like to dance or move, enjoy being around uplifting people and want to reminisce your partying days yet still get an amazing workout, DO THIS!  You sweat so much but have the most fun throughout the entire workout! 

What is your approach to life coaching? Do you have a philosophy you follow? What do you usually hope to accomplish with your coaching clients?

StayCurious with Samara is my personal life coaching business based in New York City. Coaching is a collaborative relationship between the coach and the client where the focus is to accelerate the positive change desired by the client. My hope is that my clients are people who are curious enough to question their own lives. My philosophy is that if you are motivated, solutions focussed and take your experiences in life and see them as growing and learning opportunities, success personally and professionally will naturally happen. 

Life Coaching is an evidence based practice involving neuroscience and the brain. Our thoughts are contained and expressed in patterns of connections called maps. The brain memorizes or hardwires everything we think and do repeatedly. Through coaching and positive reinforcement, the brain can create new maps that focus on the positive aspects of life. This is what I hope to accomplish with my clients; helping them to see where they can change their negative thoughts into positive ones and create a new mindset and way of viewing the world around them. 

How can people contact you if they want to try your coaching?

Please feel free to contact me for a free consultation at and check out my website for more information: 

Photos by KMO Studio