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How One Day Can Change Your Whole Life! #GlobalWellnessDay

Body Conceptions

Our BoCo Group Wellness Day Crew!

It is a universal human desire to be healthy and happy; and essentially “live well.” However, it is easy to allow everyday stresses to interfere with our efforts to achieve “wellness.” This is the spirit through which Global Wellness Day was born. On the second Saturday of June each year, groups of people throughout the world dedicate this day to motivating one another to take action in the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.

Dance Cardio

Mari getting her ‘tone’ on!

Global Wellness Day is a non-profit social project dedicated to encouraging people to pause and ask themselves the question, even if for just one day of the year, “How can I live a healthier and better life?” This ultimately steers people towards living well and making peace on both individual and societal levels.


BoCo Babe Julia lunging it out!

Launched in Turkey in 2012, this special day was already officially celebrated in 73 countries by 2015. It has grown to include worldwide fitness, dance and spa/hotel participation, including Body Conceptions, and Mahri is excited to be a “Key Supporter.”


Enjoying our Just Salad smoothies and Bare Snacks Apple chips!

The #BoCoTribe celebrated this morning with a BoCo Classic class that had an international flair, led by Julia at Stepping Out Studios. After the dance-cardio jams, arm sculpting exercises, a killer seat series, and a final stretch, we enjoyed refreshments provided by Just Salad and Bare Snacks. These smoothies and apple chips made for the perfect healthy post-workout snack!


Just Salad Avocado Dreamsicle & Strawberry Banana smoothies, Bare Snacks Green & Red Apple chips :)

If you missed out on the BoCo Global Wellness Day fun today, don’t worry! You can watch the morning unfold on our Snapchat at @BodyConceptions. And remember to say, “yes,” to living well!


Obligatory silly pic!

Words and Photos by Kathleen O’Neill