Meet Denver trainer, Shannon Cave: A true beam of light!

When I met Shannon 10 years ago, what stood out most to me was her boundless energy and joyous smile.  I had no idea that she would eventually work for us, but she was definitely someone I wanted to know and be around all the time. 

As you read her interview below, Shannon spent so many years of her life involved in dance and fitness.  She developed such a keen awareness of her own body and true appreciation for both fun and intelligent movement.  I knew very quickly when we connected again in Denver that she was someone I wanted on my team.  She began working for us as a trainer last year, and I saw such intense enthusiasm from her clients.  I knew without a doubt that I had made the smartest decision to bring her on and that she would be a friend as well for a long time!

You will see below that Shannon lives her life fully, truly appreciates the opportunities that come her way, and takes so much care in her work at all times.  She is the trainer you want by your side, thinking all the time about how to get the best out of you and how to make the experience the best and most fun it can be.  Thank you, Shannon, for coming on board!!

~ Mahri 


photography by Chelsea Chorpenning

Full name:  Shannon King Cave

Where were you born?  Bartlesville, Oklahoma

Where did you grow up?  Houston, Texas

What’s your biggest passion?  My passions are spending time with my family and friends. Staying healthy and physically fit.

photography by Chelsea Chorpenning

Tell me about your career. Have you changed directions? If so, why?  As a 40-something mother of two incredible teenagers (the hardest & most rewarding part of my career), my path has definitely meandered. Throughout the years, I have worn many different hats: actress, dancer, singer, event planner, creative director, ballet teacher, buyer, entrepreneur and business owner. The common thread throughout every stage of my life is thirst for movement and wellness. (BoCo Founder) Mahri and I met many years ago in the dance fitness community and I have always admired her passion for bringing fitness to women during all stages of their life. Working with Mahri and training under her to become a part of the Body Conceptions Team is a dream come true.

What do you wish you knew when you were younger?  Not to sweat the small stuff, to laugh at myself, to spend as much time as I could with my grandparents, and finally: to stretch!

photography by Chelsea Chorpenning

What’s your fitness fashion style?  Lululemon Align pants. I have extra long legs and the 28” length fit amazing. I have them in every pattern and color. They are like second skin and super comfortable.

What’s the best piece of health/wellness/dance
advice you’ve ever gotten?  My mom always told me to never leave the house without lipstick on and that has stuck with me my entire life. (My color is Raisin by Bobbie Brown). Along the way others have turned me on to dry brush, salt baths & cryotherapy.

What’s your guiltiest pleasure?  There are two…Reposado Tequila (I enjoy it over a big rock with a grapefruit slice) and mint chocolate chip ice cream.

What quality do you really cherish about yourself?  Fierce loyalty.

What’s something most people don’t know about you (that’s maybe a little funny or weird)?  Gum freaks me out; I have never ever chewed a piece. I think I have a phobia.

photography by Chelsea Chorpenning

Meet Ceci Whyel, our extraordinary (and first!) Denver trainer

Expanding my business to Denver from NYC was a daunting process.  I didn’t know how the fitness scene worked yet, and I didn’t have the connection with the dance community I had developed in New York through which to meet and hire trainers.  However, Ceci came highly recommended to me from a trusted source, and I know she needed to be my first trainer the minute I met her!
One of the first things you notice about Ceci is her confidence, intelligence, and warm energy.  She is such a grounded and knowledgeable fitness professional, and she is extremely willing to learn and grow in the industry.  Ceci also happens to be an aerialist, a beautiful dancer, a choreographer — and a singer,  I just learned from her interview below!  The list of her talents go on and on!
Those who train with Ceci rave about her knowledge and care in her workouts, and she’s also very challenging.  If you have a chance to work with her, you are definitely lucky!  Check out her interview below.  I am truly grateful to have set up my business the right way here in Denver and I thank Ceci for helping make that possible.  
Full name: Cecilia Potter Whyel
Where were you born?  Concord, MA
Where did you grow up?  Acton, MA

photography by Chelsea Chorpenning

What’s your biggest passion? DANCE! I am a contemporary/modern dancer and aerialist. I teach, perform, and choreograph in the Greater Denver Area. 
Tell me about your career. Have you changed directions? If so, why? I went to Elon University and graduated with a BA in Theatre and a dance minor. I absolutely loved my instructors at Elon and decided to pursue dance as a career. I picked up my life in North Carolina and headed to the University of Oregon to get my MFA. After my first year, I decided that I wanted to jump into professional performance. I felt extremely conflicted on where to head next– I love the outdoors so NYC and LA did not seem to be a good fit. My boyfriend at the time (now my husband) had an internship in Denver and I fell in CO during my first visit. Once more I moved across the country and settled in Boulder. The dance scene in Boulder introduced me to several different performance companies and the world of fitness. The rest is history! 
What do you wish you knew when you were younger? Nothing ever goes the way you plan it, so you might as well enjoy the ride. 

photography by Chelsea Chorpenning

What’s your fitness fashion style?  Capri leggings (I’m insanely short so they fit me about ankle length) and a crop top. I have SO many crop tops! 
What’s the best piece of health/wellness/dance advice you’ve ever gotten? Develop anatomical integrity. Every body is unique like a snowflake. When you get to know the intricacies of your physical structure and how fully you can move, the possibilities are endless. 
What’s your guiltiest pleasure? I am a secret (or maybe not so secret) nerd. I love fantasy and adventure genres (think LOTR, Star Wars, GOT, anything Marvel–you name it). 

photography by Chelsea Chorpenning

What quality do you really cherish about yourself? I am very honest (New England girl at heart) and always my most authentic self. 
What’s something most people don’t know about you (that’s maybe a little funny or weird)?  I was a classical vocalist for over 15 years. 
Anything else about you that I missed?  When I am not dancing, I am most likely hiking, camping, or whitewater rafting in the mountains. 

photography by Chelsea Chorpenning