Slow And Steady Wins The Race! Find Out How BoCo Trainers Stick to New Year’s Resolutions

Setting New Year’s resolutions for yourself is easy, but sticking to them long-term is anything but. We’ve all seen gyms become overcrowded in January, only to trickle back down to normal a few short weeks later. How do we solve this problem?
BoCo trainers, Mahri, Lauren and Nicole, have become experts in resolutions.  They have seen what works and what doesn’t for themselves and their clients, and we’ve asked them to share their secrets here on how to make resolutions and keep them long-term!
Mahri serious
What’s your resolution? My biggest resolution is to listen to my gut and to be as true to what I hear as possible.
What steps do you plan to take to achieve this? I plan to take as much time as possible really thinking about what’s good for me personally and what really inspires me about Body Conceptions.
What advice to you have for sticking to resolutions long-term? It’s extremely important to choose resolutions that are achievable for you. I would also recommend setting things up in your life that help you succeed. This might include rewarding yourself for staying focused, telling your friends what you are hoping to achieve, and breaking down your goals into as small, achievable parts as possible. Also recognize the things in your life that have a tendency to derail you.
What’s your resolution? This year I am aiming to be a little more self-assured and less self-critical. A lot of us, and many times women in particular, are so judgmental of ourselves but yet can be wonderfully encouraging and supportive of the people we love. My goal is to direct some of that kindness and compassion inwards.
What steps do you plan to take to achieve this?  The biggest thing for me will be reminding myself that I don’t have to be perfect. I also need to allow myself to say no to (or potentially disappoint) other people if it means giving myself needed “me time” to either do something I’m passionate about or to rest and recharge. Those little nagging voices in our own heads tend to disappear when we are rested and have created space for the things, and people, we love.
What advice do you have for sticking to resolutions long-term?  I think the best way to sick to a resolution long-term is start to with one goal at a time. Once you’ve conquered that one you can then move on to the next. Don’t overwhelm yourself with trying to accomplish too many things at once.
Did you have a resolution that you achieved in 2015?  Last year I challenged myself to eat vegan or vegetarian 4-5 days a week.
How did you achieve this? For me the key was going shopping at the beginning of the week and cooking at home. When I have food in the fridge I’m less likely to order out. Which is especially helpful after my long days when I’m more prone to ordering a burger and fries than walking to the grocery store to buy some fresh veggies. I still love my splurges but my body has been very happy getting a more plant-based diet. I plan on trying to stick to that regimen this year too.
What are your resolutions? My biggest resolution this year is to gain more perspective and try to focus on the big picture. I find that sometimes I sweat the small stuff too frequently and occasionally let little hiccups and bumps in the road upset me more than they should. Other resolutions I have are to schedule more “me” time, and to stay in better touch with old friends!
What steps do you plan to take to achieve them? My first resolution is all about just keeping peace of mind and trying to view life with less stress. I think it’s important to always have something to look forward to and channel your energy towards when things go less-than-perfectly or not as you planned. I also plan to go to one hot yoga class a week for more “me” time, and to reach out to a different old friend every weekend to catch up!
What advice to you have for sticking to resolutions long-term? Finding a sustainable schedule for your resolutions is KEY! So often we go all out when we set our minds to something, then we crash and burn or get sick of it. Taking a more gradual and practical approach is so important to maintaining a balanced life (and sanity!) as we strive for self-improvement.  I think having physical reminders are very effective – whether it’s a note on your refrigerator that reminds you to do something every time you walk past it, or an hour blocked off in your calendar devoted to your resolution.  Seeing something concrete helps to keep you motivated and prevents you from finding excuses!
Did you have any resolutions that you achieved in 2015? My resolutions last year were to expand my dance and fitness careers! I definitely reached this goal over the course of 2015.
How did you achieve these? I expanded my dance and fitness career by really putting myself out there. I was constantly applying to different jobs and gigs and attending auditions while keeping myself in shape and learning from professionals in the field. Eventually, some of my submissions turned into several jobs and amazing opportunities and experiences!

How Do I Get the Most Out of Private Training?

weights copy

How Do I Get the Most Out of Private Training?

When you decide to start private training, you can – and should – spend a lot of time seeking out the fitness method and the trainer that work best for you. Admittedly, these are big decisions and shouldn’t be taken lightly. There are a lot of factors that go into determining what kind of training method and training style work best for you. In the end, it’s all about finding the right personal fit regardless of what friends or popular media tell you to do.

But what if you’ve found what you’re looking for? What if you’ve chosen the right method and the right trainer? Is your work finished? What could possibly go wrong?

There’s no secret that the effort you put into your training leads to the results you see. Ok fine. But can you heighten those results even more? How can you get the most out of your trainer and the most out of each session? Are there questions or preparations you should consider? Or should you just show up and see what your trainer can do for you?

The tips I am providing here are based on my own experiences working with a range of great clients over the years. I definitely notice that there are ways my clients can get the best out of me, and I think it’s important to explore how and why this can happen.

So how can I make my training sessions more efficient and effective?

Here goes…

1) Start with an open mind. It’s very possible that you’ve had other trainers in your life. You may have focused on certain things with those trainers that worked for you at the time. Our bodies, life stages, and needs change over the years, and it’s possible that your next trainer will have a perspective and approach that’s completely new to you. Try to embrace this and see how your body feels with your new workouts. Never be afraid to stop training if it doesn’t work for you — but being completely open to someone and something new could be an amazing experience for you.

2) Ask questions. Getting to the bottom of your trainer’s philosophy will help you understand why he or she has created your program. These questions might also help you understand the philosophy behind the workout and how the muscles are being targeted. The answers you hear might change the way you approach your sessions, and they might even help you pay more attention to the way your body is responding.

3) Think about your energy. It’s amazing how the energy I receive from a client feeds the energy I put back into a session. Even without realizing it, I can move in less energetic or inspired ways with someone who is dragging. As a trainer, I totally understand that we all have those days, but try approaching your sessions with more energy and see how you it changes your experience. You attitude will make such a difference, and your trainer will also relate to you surprisingly differently.

4) Speak up! Your trainer can’t read your mind. Always tell your trainer when you feel any kind of sharp pain or when you experience anything that alarms you. Also be sure to give your trainer feedback on the exercises that don’t suit your body (and also on the exercises you love). Your trainer needs to learn over time what to avoid and also what to emphasize with you to get the best results.

5) Let your trainer be the expert. Once you are vocal about the kinds of exercises that don’t feel right for your body, also try to recognize that your trainer is there to push you beyond your limits. We all know how hard it is to go to the gym and motivate ourselves. Let your trainer be that motivating voice – and also the expert on what will change your body.

6) With time, don’t be afraid to ask for something new. You can get very comfortable with your trainer. Your body can start getting too used to your weekly workouts, and your results can plateau. You need to shake things up and surprise your muscles (and your mind!). Don’t be afraid to ask for new things from your trainer, and be specific about the new goals you’re hoping to achieve. I believe that variety is key, and I love being challenged by the changing needs and requests of my clients. Change can breathe new life into your sessions and lead to some surprising new results.


At the end of the day, private training is your opportunity to get amazing, individualized fitness attention. Know that you have every right to ask for what you need, and also know that you are asking an expert to come to you and do what he or she does best.

Private training has been my favorite part of my business, and I am grateful for the wonderful connections and lifelong friends I have made. I also want to continue growing and improving, and it’s the feedback I’ve gotten from my clients – both in and out of our sessions together – that has helped me do so. Never underestimate the roll you play in your private training relationship!

How Do I Make Fitness Happen as a Mom – and a Busy Woman?

This entry also appeared on this week.  I am honored to be a guest blogger for their site and to be part of a national Mommy conversation.

I think you’ll find that many of these tips for making fitness happen as a mom also ring true for busy women of all ages and family situations who are struggling to find time in their lives to engage in fitness.  I learned many of these tips from my clients, and I’m hoping they show you that there are many ways to make fitness work and to make it something that you can do – and love – regularly.



As a trainer specializing in pre- and postnatal fitness, I have heard these questions many times:

“I WANT to get back in shape, but how can I possibly make it happen with my new baby? How can I possibly find the time??” 

Many new moms know that exercising will help them regain their pre-baby strength and tone…and possibly sanity!  It will certainly help them boost their mood and give them much-needed personal time.


Photo by Mike Baird

Exercise is vital – but can new mothers possibly make it happen?

I have observed mothers who have managed to balance exercise and motherhood pretty well. Here are some tips based on these observations. And frankly, ALL busy women can benefit from knowing the secrets to making fitness work in their crazy lives!

1) Go with friends. Scheduling classes with your friends can help give you the motivation you need to get out of the house. Especially if you’re the kind of person who likes to please or take care of others, you will not want to cancel and let your friends down.

2) Make big Sunday dinners with leftovers you can eat before you head to classIf evening meal preparation time is deterring you from giving yourself time to exercise, having leftovers available can be a great time-saving solution.

3) Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Do you have friends or relatives close by who can watch your baby? Ask them! Chances are they will cherish the opportunity, and you’ll be refreshed by having that time for yourself. (Just an hour away may be all you need!)

4) Lacking energy and motivation?  Make a playlist of your favorite music. Music can be so energizing. Playing your favorite music when your motivation is starting to fade can turn everything around and make you feel like you NEED to move and sweat!

5) Lay out your exercise clothing the night before – Or wear them to bed! Deterred from morning exercise by the effort to get ready in the morning in addition your baby’s morning feeding, diapering and entertaining? Make it easier for yourself. If you’re already wearing your exercise outfit, you are literally 5 minutes away from being ready to go!!

6) Hire a trainer. This is a luxury, but it’s an investment in yourself that could make all the difference. A trainer saves time by coming to your home and working around your schedule, and he or she will tailor the workout to your needs. On top of that, you may not even need someone to watch your baby during your workout. I use music in my sessions, and I find that my music puts babies to sleep – an added bonus!!  If an ongoing trainer seems like too much of a luxury, allocate a set number of sessions to get yourself on track and learn some great exercises you can continue on your own.

7) Give yourself credit. That sticker chart you are using to encourage your child…make one for mommy! Finding the time for fitness is a huge accomplishment and you deserve a pat on the back. Never forget how much you do every day and give yourself the credit you deserve. Perhaps all those gold stars should result in a spa day reward? Yes?


Photo by Bob Whitehead