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“But What If I Can’t Dance??”

“But What If I Can’t Dance??” I get asked that question all the time. Many people who hear that Body Conceptions is a “dance-based” fitness class immediately worry that they’ll be walking into a room full of skinny dancer girls who spend the next hour twirling, leaping, and kicking their faces with perfect dance form. […]

Sweet Potato and Lentils:
Warming and Healing in Winter

It’s been cold!! This week, I asked Joanie  – one of my instructors and resident health coach – to give me one of her favorite healing winter recipes to help us get through the season. Not only has Joanie’s clients seen amazing results, but her food is also incredibly tasty.  Try this recipe, and you’ll […]

I Was Amazed! (but not really…)

Before leaving on her holiday vacation, my client sent me a picture of herself in a bikini with the words, “[My husband] says thank you.” What I saw was a beautiful, sculpted body – only FIVE MONTHS after giving birth to her first child. I had trained her before, during, and after her pregnancy, and […]

Meet Trainer Extraordinaire:
Lauren Rodriguez

I am so happy to have such great people working for me. Lauren is such a creative and dedicated trainer. If you can, try one of her fantastic classes this month at Stepping Out Studios. You’ll have a blast! ~Mahri Full Name: Lauren Rodriguez Johnson Where were you born? Naples, Florida Where did you grow […]

Mom in the City

Link to photo This might seem like an unusual blog post for a fitness company, but I felt like my experience this weekend spoke to so many things many of us feel during the holidays. My mother made the decision to visit me in the city (traveling without my father for the first time in […]

Tips for Hanging in There

It’s that time of year! So many of us get caught in the holiday madness – which often means holiday party after holiday party on top of last-minute work deadlines, children with big holiday events, extended family commitments, a winter cold or flu, and seemingly no time for ourselves! How do we possibly keep up […]

Joanie – My Wonderful Instructor and Health Coach

I knew as soon as I heard about Joanie that I wanted to include her in my business. Words like lovely, devoted, holistic, empathetic, hard-working, and knowledgeable were some of the qualities that were used to describe her. And not only did she have extensive experience in fitness, but she had her own health coaching […]

First Post:
Starting Body Conceptions

Photo by Michael L. Baird I’m about to get wordy!  Sorry for the essay here – but I thought I’d share a little bit about my beginnings.  Several people have asked me, so here goes! Women and Their Bodies – Why Do We Hate Ourselves So Much? One of my earliest “body-image” memories with my […]