Slow And Steady Wins The Race! Find Out How BoCo Trainers Stick to New Year’s Resolutions

Setting New Year’s resolutions for yourself is easy, but sticking to them long-term is anything but. We’ve all seen gyms become overcrowded in January, only to trickle back down to normal a few short weeks later. How do we solve this problem?
BoCo trainers, Mahri, Lauren and Nicole, have become experts in resolutions.  They have seen what works and what doesn’t for themselves and their clients, and we’ve asked them to share their secrets here on how to make resolutions and keep them long-term!
Mahri serious
What’s your resolution? My biggest resolution is to listen to my gut and to be as true to what I hear as possible.
What steps do you plan to take to achieve this? I plan to take as much time as possible really thinking about what’s good for me personally and what really inspires me about Body Conceptions.
What advice to you have for sticking to resolutions long-term? It’s extremely important to choose resolutions that are achievable for you. I would also recommend setting things up in your life that help you succeed. This might include rewarding yourself for staying focused, telling your friends what you are hoping to achieve, and breaking down your goals into as small, achievable parts as possible. Also recognize the things in your life that have a tendency to derail you.
What’s your resolution? This year I am aiming to be a little more self-assured and less self-critical. A lot of us, and many times women in particular, are so judgmental of ourselves but yet can be wonderfully encouraging and supportive of the people we love. My goal is to direct some of that kindness and compassion inwards.
What steps do you plan to take to achieve this?  The biggest thing for me will be reminding myself that I don’t have to be perfect. I also need to allow myself to say no to (or potentially disappoint) other people if it means giving myself needed “me time” to either do something I’m passionate about or to rest and recharge. Those little nagging voices in our own heads tend to disappear when we are rested and have created space for the things, and people, we love.
What advice do you have for sticking to resolutions long-term?  I think the best way to sick to a resolution long-term is start to with one goal at a time. Once you’ve conquered that one you can then move on to the next. Don’t overwhelm yourself with trying to accomplish too many things at once.
Did you have a resolution that you achieved in 2015?  Last year I challenged myself to eat vegan or vegetarian 4-5 days a week.
How did you achieve this? For me the key was going shopping at the beginning of the week and cooking at home. When I have food in the fridge I’m less likely to order out. Which is especially helpful after my long days when I’m more prone to ordering a burger and fries than walking to the grocery store to buy some fresh veggies. I still love my splurges but my body has been very happy getting a more plant-based diet. I plan on trying to stick to that regimen this year too.
What are your resolutions? My biggest resolution this year is to gain more perspective and try to focus on the big picture. I find that sometimes I sweat the small stuff too frequently and occasionally let little hiccups and bumps in the road upset me more than they should. Other resolutions I have are to schedule more “me” time, and to stay in better touch with old friends!
What steps do you plan to take to achieve them? My first resolution is all about just keeping peace of mind and trying to view life with less stress. I think it’s important to always have something to look forward to and channel your energy towards when things go less-than-perfectly or not as you planned. I also plan to go to one hot yoga class a week for more “me” time, and to reach out to a different old friend every weekend to catch up!
What advice to you have for sticking to resolutions long-term? Finding a sustainable schedule for your resolutions is KEY! So often we go all out when we set our minds to something, then we crash and burn or get sick of it. Taking a more gradual and practical approach is so important to maintaining a balanced life (and sanity!) as we strive for self-improvement.  I think having physical reminders are very effective – whether it’s a note on your refrigerator that reminds you to do something every time you walk past it, or an hour blocked off in your calendar devoted to your resolution.  Seeing something concrete helps to keep you motivated and prevents you from finding excuses!
Did you have any resolutions that you achieved in 2015? My resolutions last year were to expand my dance and fitness careers! I definitely reached this goal over the course of 2015.
How did you achieve these? I expanded my dance and fitness career by really putting myself out there. I was constantly applying to different jobs and gigs and attending auditions while keeping myself in shape and learning from professionals in the field. Eventually, some of my submissions turned into several jobs and amazing opportunities and experiences!

Are you overdoing it already? Stop!!

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Are You Overdoing It Already? Stop!!

Ok – you’re in it. Full-fledged. Back from your vacations and New Year’s parties and fully engulfed in your resolution activities. High-impact daily exercise, no carbs, no alcohol, full-restriction/maximum pain. Full-on!!

Are you seeing results? Chances are you’ve already seen some change. Are you sore, starving, craving sweets, a little bit cranky? Probably yes. Give yourself another few weeks of this pace, and something will need to give. And chances are that more will go with it.

I am not a naturally pessimistic person, and I truly believe in the power of will and conviction in most people. It’s great to commit to healthy change, especially after an especially indulgent holiday season.

The pitfall here, though, is the sheer intensity and breadth of the changes that many people try to make this time of year. It’s all about doing everything at peak intensity. All at once. And once one thing begins to crumble – maybe one or two little cupcakes at work look way too wonderful to resist – the thoughts creep in…”I might as well abandon this whole crazy thing.”

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“I’m an all or nothing person.”

If you are the kind of person who needs to jump headlong into change to make it happen, take a minute to ask – “Am I the kind of person who needs to be strict with myself to get anything done?” “Will I feel like a failure if I cheat or miss one day of my new exercise schedule?”

If you say yes to either of these questions, you are likely in danger of halting everything if one thing goes wrong. Is this your pattern? Going full-on and then finding a month or two later that it all went by the wayside eventually?

You can do this!

Research has proven that habits don’t become habits until they have been repeated for enough time to become automatic. And your thought process is a major factor in your ability to overcome obstacles and stick with change for the long-term. If you’re in the midst of desperately trying to change but know it will eventually derail, don’t give up!! There are ways to adjust your approach and make this a New Year, New You for real!!

1) Pick a schedule that’s realistic. Chances are you can’t keep exercising 2 hours every day if that wasn’t your previous routine. Look at the week ahead, chart your exercise routine, and give yourself days of rest. See whether the schedule you set is something you would actually look forward to continuing every week.

2) Ask yourself whether your exercise and nutrition regimen makes you happy.  Do you look forward to your new routine? How do you feel afterwards? Soreness and physical struggle during the exercise and soreness can turn people away from their exercise routines before they see the positive benefits. Make sure you are taking classes or doing exercise that actually feels fun. Perhaps add amazing music to your running playlist. Look for instructors that inspire you. Choose classes that engage you and make you feel energized and happy when you leave!

3) Embrace failure.  Instead of berating yourself for “falling off the wagon,” welcome these moments as chances to learn more about yourself. Do you have the worst will-power in the middle of the day? Make sure you bring your own snacks for those 3pm cravings. Maybe re-examine your sleep schedule if you notice that you’re most hungry when you haven’t had enough sleep. And do you really hate eating salads every day? Stop forcing them down and look for other, tastier ways to get a healthy fix for lunch. The goal is to help you stay more health- focused in a way that truly works for you and no one else.

4) Plan ahead – and don’t forget the rewards!  All work and no play is a recipe for disaster. You need to build benchmarks and rewards for yourself that keep you motivated and help you see and measure your progress. Have trouble being consistent? Give yourself a spa day if you have managed to stick with your fitness schedule for two weeks. Finally kept process food out of your diet all week? Buy yourself a great fitness outfit. You don’t necessarily need to spend money — Even just allow yourself to relax or do an activity you absolutely love to do to celebrate all of your focus and dedication. After a while, the results of your dedication will become incentive enough!

In light of resolution season, we are so excited to be offering a New Year, New a You 6-week challenge this month. Our last challenge was an amazing success with some incredible results (think average 6.5 inches lost!) and we’re offering even more perks for our challengers this time around.

Since it’s clear that fulfilling your resolutions can be tricky, we believe that our challenge program provides a great way for our challengers to get into the habit of exercising regularly, see amazing results, and have fun in the process. Challengers also make great friends and connections within the Body Conceptions community.

Check us out, and sign up for the challenge at When you get to the scheduling program, click on the Events tab.

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