Should I Do The BoCo Spring Challenge? Yes!!!

So – we’re about to launch our first official BoCo Spring Challenge! I’ve been thinking about fitness challenges a lot these days, and I felt like it was important to talk about their benefits here. After all, when people can take fitness classes and try to get healthy every day, why would they want to enter a challenge? What makes a challenge more effective than any kind of “resolution?” And what are we offering that might help people see great results?

Why a “Challenge” this time?

Since its inception, Body Conceptions has run a semi-annual “Intensive,” a 6-week program involving extended classes 2-3 times a week that everyone takes together. This format is great for creating a sense of camaraderie and obtaining results together BUT those of you who can’t come to our two extended classes during the week lose out on the experience. So many of you have work and other obligations during the day.

We recently expanded our schedule and welcomed lots of you to our classes who work during the week. We also decided to try something different for our spring fitness event. This time around, we decided to give you unlimited access to our class schedule. And unlike our last Intensives, we will be measuring your progress with objective data on top of providing you with some amazing perks. Now you’ll see that you’re truly making progress and getting healthier just in time for your summer beach days – and you’ll be having fun along the way, too!!

Why Is a Challenge Effective?

We’ve all made promises to ourselves to get fit. The problem is that we seem to be ok with breaking these promises to ourselves. We’re too tired, too busy, too distracted – we give up just as quickly as we start. …But what if suddenly we’re provided real evidence of our effort? What if we become part of a team that checks in on one another? And what if we can win contests? Suddenly the game changes.

We will be putting you into groups and giving you team leaders who will coach your progress. We all know that group camaraderie helps keep you focused. It makes you feel supported and encouraged. You tend to feel pressure to perform for the group and do what you can to help the whole group succeed. Also, if there is measurable data that shows you how you are doing, you start seeing the direct connection between your efforts and your progress. You start taking control of the process and also holding yourself accountable for that effort in a group setting.

Signing up for a challenge commits you to a program with a beginning, middle, and end. You are not promising to make a vague and endless promise to yourself to get healthier. You are essentially saying to yourself, “I am committing to this specific, finite program that will involve a bunch of other people in the same boat and will have very specific and doable steps I have committed to follow. I will do it!”

What if I Don’t Have Time to Take Tons of Classes?

Honestly, you’ll be surprised. We have classes that satisfy every workout schedule, and you can take your classes any way they work for you. You might find that you want to take all of our classes in a row one week, or perhaps you prefer late nights, lunch, and weekends. You can do whatever works for you. Use your results to motivate you to intensify your approach. Challenges like this help you cater your experience to your lifestyle, increase your power and stamina, and potentially inspire you to make fitness a more frequent part of your schedule.

What if I’m Worried About Doing the Workout Correctly?

Don’t worry – We have you covered!! We will be running a workshop to teach you how to perform BoCo exercises effectively. Our team leaders will also be on-hand to answer any questions or concerns, and our instructors value technique above all else. Even if you have never taken a BoCo class before, you will find yourself learning quickly with lots of support, correction, and encouragement.

Whether or not you decide to join our challenge this time around, I hope this helps you consider the benefits of joining a group fitness program. If you ever find yourself having trouble committing to your own personal goals, perhaps becoming part of a larger group effort will help you shed your worries and excuses. Who knows? You might also see some amazing results, make some great friends, and win a fabulous in-home vegan dinner for 4!! (Just saying…)

Join our Spring Challenge, sign up though the Classes page at and select the Event tab on the scheduling page!

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