Getting to know Carlyn Rosenblum – an expert in Perinatal Nutrition

In our preconception, prenatal, and postpartum fitness work with women, we have repeatedly found that our clients lack information, are often misinformed, and can experience lots of fear – and it’s our honor to help them exercise and navigate the many physical challenges they experience.  In terms of diet and nutrition, we have fielded numerous questions from our clients who feel lost.  Where do they turn??

We have met a fabulous dietician in NYC who specializes in these life transitions, and we are thrilled to connect her with our community!  Carlyn Rosenblum, an experienced dietitian with specialized knowledge in perinatal nutrition, founded MTHR Nutrition specifically focused on nutrition and wellness during these critical periods.  When we got to know Carlyn, we immediately knew that her work complemented ours and needed to be shared!

Enjoy this fascinating interview with Carlyn, and contact her directly if you need her excellent services!

~ Mahri


1) Your name, and where you are from:

Carlyn Rosenblum MS, RD, CLC

New York City + San Francisco

2) Tell us about your business and what you provide:

MTHR Nutrition offers concierge nutrition + wellness services for women and families during pre-conception, pregnancy and postpartum. We provide custom counseling as well as other concierge wellness services (grocery store tours, pantry clean outs, cooking classes, meal prep, etc).

3) What made you decide to move in this direction as a business? Could you talk a little bit about your journey getting here?

Through my training as a dietitian I learned that the perinatal period was a critical time for nutrition, both in achieving a healthy pregnancy, but also in impacting the future health of the child (and even the child’s child). However, I quickly discovered that this area of nutrition was not getting the attention it deserved. There was also a world of misinformation, creating confusion, stress and frustration for many women wanting to do right for their body and baby. 

I have always felt that if you can help change the health and nutrition of a mother, you can help change the health and nutrition of her entire family. From an intervention standpoint being able to foster health promotion and chronic disease prevention simply by building a healthy environment in-utero is extremely powerful, yet for many women despite good intentions it does not always happen. 

I wanted to build a business that could support women during this important time for nutrition by providing reliable, evidence-based information and guidance so that they could focus on the joy and beauty of pregnancy. 

4) What are a few of the nutrition challenges women face during and after pregnancy? 

For many women, pregnancy often represents a departure from one’s “normal” eating habits. Body and hormonal changes, food symptoms, and aversions can all complicate one’s ability to maintain a healthy diet. During pregnancy I work with my clients to help increase the nutrient density of their meals and fit nutrition into their “new normal”. The postpartum period is uniquely challenging, especially because of societal pressures on new moms to immediately return to their pre-pregnancy body instead of allowing the body to properly heal. 

5) You also help women navigate fertility. Of the many things you tell women, do you have 3 tips you might suggest to help women think about supporting fertility with their food choices?

  • Quit sugar! In my opinion sugar is the #1 fertility sabotaging food. ALL sugar, even natural sugars can wreak hormonal havoc so it is important to be conscious of even healthy sugar like fruit and limit it to 1 serving at a time, and no more than 3 servings in a day ( FYI 1 serving is only 1/2 a cup).
  • Don’t be afraid of fats: Fats are essential for healthy hormone production and maintaining blood sugar balance, so if you are trying to get pregnant you want to make sure you are including enough in your diet. Swap fat-free products (especially dairy) for their full fat alternatives. That being said, not all fat is created equal! Focus on Omega-3s (Wild Salmon, Chia Seeds, Hemp Seeds and Walnuts) and unprocessed monounsaturated fats (Olive Oil, Avocado and Almonds). 
  • Eat more plants: Research shows that women who consume more plant-based proteins have improved fertility. I like to have my clients consume at least one plant-based meal per day and focus on consuming eggs and fish over other animal-based proteins. 

6) We truly believe that fitness does not exist in a vacuum (especially during pregnancy!) and look for knowledgeable practitioners to refer our clients when they need support in other areas like nutrition. How could we as trainers help YOU do your job better with our clients? How might we work together?

I definitely believe in a holistic approach to wellness. As trainers, you can encourage your clients to seek nutrition support from a licensed registered dietitian such as myself who can compliment their training. There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to nutrition and fitness. Every body is different.  What works for one person may not work for another, and nutrition and exercise need to reflect those differences. Working closely together to create a personalized nutrition and fitness plan can provide clients with the best outcomes. 

7) What do you love the most about your work?

From a very young age, I knew I wanted my work to serve something beyond just myself. No amount of money in the world would bring me the same amount of joy as when a client tells me how much I have helped them to finally feel healthy and happy in their body so they can get pregnant, have a healthy pregnancy, or feel good about how they feed their family. 

8) How can our clients contact you and use your services?

They can reach out to me directly via email at  or visit my website to book a discovery call. 


Carlyn believes that feeling your best starts with good nutrition—but also involves how you think, live and show up for yourself physically and emotionally. Many women today feel out of sync with their bodies—especially when it comes to pregnancy. Carlyn works to help you uncover the hidden obstacles keeping you from feeling your best and teaches you how to listen and honor your body by focusing on what healthy means to you. Carlyn is a registered dietitian, with a Master’s Degree in Nutrition from NYU. She also obtained her CLC certification from the Healthy Children’s Project. Carlyn is the Founder and CEO of MTHR Nutrition a concierge nutrition counseling service for women. Carlyn dedicates her work to supporting women during the  preconception, prenatal and postpartum periods, which represent an important yet complex time for nutrition. Carlyn takes a science-based, personalized approach to health. She believes that everyone is different, and nutrition should also take into account those differences.

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