New Instructor Spotlight – Welcome Kate Havlicek!

The minute I met Kate Havlicek, I knew we needed to work with her! Kate has a confidence and a sweet and grounded radiance that makes you immediately feel comfortable around her. Already a seasoned instructor, she brings incredible authority to her teaching that’s rare in those who first start working with us. She is simultaneously humble and kind while also inspiring in her training style. In short — FABULOUS!!

I learned a lot of fun and new things about Kate in this interview, and I hope you enjoy getting to know her as well. For those of you who have the pleasure of working with her privately, you are lucky!!

~ Mahri

Full name: Catherine Ryan Havlicek (but I have always gone by Kate and I spell it with a K and Catherine with a C!)

Where were you born: Huntington, Long Island

Where did you grow up: I grew up in the town of East Hampton on the very east end of Long Island.

Biggest passion: Dance, movement, and fitness have always been some of my biggest passions. Moving my body in any way brings me the most joy, however I also have a deep love for film and am a huge movie buff!

Career: I worked for lululemon for many years, but also taught dance at the studio I went to growing up, while also teaching other fitness classes like barre and Zumba back in the day! My career has definitely become more centered around fitness as the years have gone on, and I am excited to be acquiring more knowledge about all aspects of fitness and personal training.

What do you wish you knew when you were younger: You do not have to live up to anyone’s expectations other than your own. There is no set path in life, or right or wrong way to live your life.

What’s your fashion fitness style: Pretty much always in mostly black, sleek mesh patterns on leggings, and fun crop tops. Love Michi, Alo Yoga, lululemon, and APL for sneakers!

Best health/wellness/dance advice: For wellness, definitely just to take care of yourself and make yourself a priority – love your body and acknowledge it for all that it is capable of. For dance, if you mess up the choreography, make it a solo!

Guiltiest pleasure: Binging 70’s & 80’s horror movies – they don’t even have to be that good. I just love them.

Quality you cherish about yourself: Being someone people often come to to talk to or open up to. I love being someone who can support other people, because I know I am so appreciative of the people in my life who I can turn to when I am in need.

Something people don’t know about you: I have an obsession with Quentin Tarantino and I have seen Inglourious Basterds more times than I could possibly count. I also do a pretty fantastic Velociraptor impression.

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