Our new instructor, Emily McElwain, is a beam of light!

Emily is the kind of person who lights up a room the minute she enters.  She has such an enthusiastic and sweet energy, which makes working out with her such a fun experience.  

I saw this energy in Emily at our audition, and it has continued to grow as we’ve gotten to know her.  Her transparency as a person has also been extremely refreshing — and so hard to find!  I am excited to have found Emily and look forward to introducing her to you.  Read more about here (and her Louis Armstrong impersonation!), and be sure to take her class this Sunday, April 29th. Even as you drip with sweat, she will keep you smiling!!

~ Mahri

Full name:  Emily Claire McElwain 

Where did you grow up?  Sioux City, Iowa (Northwest Iowa) in a beautiful home just on the outskirts of the city. 

What’s your biggest passion?  

My biggest passion is dancing & spending time with my loved ones! I’m also very passionate about seeing the world, experiencing new things, and spending time in the sun at the beach.  

Tell me about your career. Have you changed directions? If so, why?

I am a professional dancer in NYC, so my career has taken many-a shifts in the last year and a half. I began in the city with the hopes to join a modern/contemporary dance company and that led me to finding multiple survival jobs that weren’t worth my time and energy. I lost hope and interest in that pursuit, until, I found an incredible mentor who sparked a fire in my contemporary training. This training has become more for my own self enjoyment/fulfillment than any financial or success driven needs. Recently I’ve taken great interest in musical theatre! In the last few months I performed in the musical Grease at the Palace Theatre and I’ve found jobs to support these musical theatre dreams that are exciting and fulfilling. I am a dance and yoga teacher for youth programs in the city and I’m finding a great appreciation for health and fitness. Entering the world of fitness has been a new and exciting experience for me and I’m very inspired by the BoCo team in many ways. I know these fitness/health interests will develop into an even greater love and passion with time and cultivation! 

What do you wish you knew when you were younger?

As a child I wish I had practiced yoga and realized how much I love avocados! 

What’s your fitness fashion style?

I am all about comfort! I love a good print legging with a comfortable flowing top. Athleta is one of my favorite spots to find a cute and comfortable workout outfit. But, I’m also all about thrifting and finding a great deal!  

What’s the best piece of health/wellness/dance advice you’ve ever gotten?

Don’t waste your time doing anything you don’t love. 

Always be fully present in what you do. 

Full out or get out!

What’s your guiltiest pleasure?

LOVE sweets so very much. I could eat a pound of chocolate a day! 

What quality do you really cherish about yourself?

I am a very positive person and I really love making people smile.

What’s something most people don’t know about you (that’s maybe a little funny or weird)?

My little secret talent is my Louis Armstrong impersonation. As a child I grew up on 50’s & 60’s music and movies and fell in love with Louis and his incredible, unique and soulful voice. 

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