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Get to know new trainer, (and secret dough lover), Sarah Beymer!

Photos by Kathleen O’Neill 

Note from Mahri~

When you are near Sarah Beymer, you can’t help but feel her energy, warmth and positivity.  She embodies the spirit of encouragement that is so important to me at Body Conceptions, and she brings so much fun to her classes as well.  If you haven’t tried one of them yet — run, before they sell out!! We are lucky to have her, and you will feel lucky to experience her joyful and challenging workout.

*Sarah Beymer teaches BoCo Bootcamp every Wednesday night at 6pm.  Look out for her guest subbing appearances as well.

************************************************Manhattan Waterfront

Where did you grow up?  I’m a proud Pacific Northwester that grew up in the Seattle area.

What’s your biggest passion?  My two greatest passions include performing and bringing joy to others.

Tell me about your career. Have you changed directions? If so, why? I always knew I was going to pursue dancing professionally while growing up.  Conversely, my education was also very important to me, so I made the decision after high school to attend college first and soon graduated with a degree in Global Business from the University of Redlands in southern California.  While in college, I had the opportunity to study abroad in Milan, Italy for both semesters of my junior year, which in turn has been one of my most valued experiences to date!

After college, I wasted no time and made the permanent move to Los Angeles to begin pursuing my dream full time.  All in all, the City of Angels did not disappoint! The talent, creativity, and drive within the city gave me a great place to continue training and begin my career.  I began traveling and performing company work throughout the country, and made my debut on the big screen in Fox’s Glee, Disney Channel’s Shake it Up, and the remake of Annie.  While I’m so grateful for all the talented dancers I met in the commercial dance world of Los Angeles, I’m excited to experience the different flare that New York City brings to the industry.  NYC has always been a place I wanted to explore, and I knew it would be an instant regret later in life if I didn’t take the time to experience it now.  There’s just no other place like it!

As I have always lived an active lifestyle, transitioning into a fitness career has been on the back of my mind in recent years.  It’s been a matter of finding the right method with the appropriate supportive and encouraging environment. With that said, I fell in love with Body Conceptions after my first class! I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of this incredible team of individuals with such an aspiring mission behind its practice.

NYC Dancer

What do you wish you knew when you were younger? I wish I realized I didn’t have to drive myself crazy trying achieve an ‘A’ on every project and test in school.

What’s your fitness fashion style? I love bright colors!! My staples include a pair of high-waste leggings, fun sports bra, loose fitting tank top, and the ‘dancer’ in me tends to have a flannel close by to layer on and off.

Dancer Sarah Beymer

What’s the best piece of health/wellness/dance advice you’ve ever gotten? Listen to your body!!  This has been crucial for longevity as a professional dancer.  When your body is faced with something that doesn’t feel right, there is most likely a reason for it.  It’s important to make adjustments and modifications as needed. Your body is continually changing, growing, and yes, aging too, and every day is different from the one before.

Consequently, your BRAIN will often tell you that your body is weaker than it actually is….it’s all about pushing yourself beyond what your brain thinks it can do, but honoring your body when it believes it has reached its limit.

Kathleen O'Neill Photography

What’s your guiltiest pleasure? SWEET TREATS!!! I have always had the BIGGEST sweet tooth! I tend to have at least one piece of chocolate after breakfast, lunch, and dinner….life’s short, right? :)

What quality do you really cherish about yourself? I’ve always been one to appreciate the little things in life.

Sarah Beymer BoCo Trainer

What’s something most people don’t know about you (that’s maybe a little funny or weird)? I have an obsession with dough…..cookie dough, pizza dough, cake batter, pastry dough….its quite bizarre

Anything else about you that I missed? Favorite things include sunflowers, parks, outdoor markets, biking along the beach, festivals, live music, DANCING, tailgating, quality time with friends and family, traveling, hiking, learning and experiencing new things, and a cold beer on a Friday night :) 

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