Meet Denver trainer, Shannon Cave: A true beam of light!

When I met Shannon 10 years ago, what stood out most to me was her boundless energy and joyous smile.  I had no idea that she would eventually work for us, but she was definitely someone I wanted to know and be around all the time. 

As you read her interview below, Shannon spent so many years of her life involved in dance and fitness.  She developed such a keen awareness of her own body and true appreciation for both fun and intelligent movement.  I knew very quickly when we connected again in Denver that she was someone I wanted on my team.  She began working for us as a trainer last year, and I saw such intense enthusiasm from her clients.  I knew without a doubt that I had made the smartest decision to bring her on and that she would be a friend as well for a long time!

You will see below that Shannon lives her life fully, truly appreciates the opportunities that come her way, and takes so much care in her work at all times.  She is the trainer you want by your side, thinking all the time about how to get the best out of you and how to make the experience the best and most fun it can be.  Thank you, Shannon, for coming on board!!

~ Mahri 


photography by Chelsea Chorpenning

Full name:  Shannon King Cave

Where were you born?  Bartlesville, Oklahoma

Where did you grow up?  Houston, Texas

What’s your biggest passion?  My passions are spending time with my family and friends. Staying healthy and physically fit.

photography by Chelsea Chorpenning

Tell me about your career. Have you changed directions? If so, why?  As a 40-something mother of two incredible teenagers (the hardest & most rewarding part of my career), my path has definitely meandered. Throughout the years, I have worn many different hats: actress, dancer, singer, event planner, creative director, ballet teacher, buyer, entrepreneur and business owner. The common thread throughout every stage of my life is thirst for movement and wellness. (BoCo Founder) Mahri and I met many years ago in the dance fitness community and I have always admired her passion for bringing fitness to women during all stages of their life. Working with Mahri and training under her to become a part of the Body Conceptions Team is a dream come true.

What do you wish you knew when you were younger?  Not to sweat the small stuff, to laugh at myself, to spend as much time as I could with my grandparents, and finally: to stretch!

photography by Chelsea Chorpenning

What’s your fitness fashion style?  Lululemon Align pants. I have extra long legs and the 28” length fit amazing. I have them in every pattern and color. They are like second skin and super comfortable.

What’s the best piece of health/wellness/dance
advice you’ve ever gotten?  My mom always told me to never leave the house without lipstick on and that has stuck with me my entire life. (My color is Raisin by Bobbie Brown). Along the way others have turned me on to dry brush, salt baths & cryotherapy.

What’s your guiltiest pleasure?  There are two…Reposado Tequila (I enjoy it over a big rock with a grapefruit slice) and mint chocolate chip ice cream.

What quality do you really cherish about yourself?  Fierce loyalty.

What’s something most people don’t know about you (that’s maybe a little funny or weird)?  Gum freaks me out; I have never ever chewed a piece. I think I have a phobia.

photography by Chelsea Chorpenning

Meet Ceci Whyel, our extraordinary (and first!) Denver trainer

Expanding my business to Denver from NYC was a daunting process.  I didn’t know how the fitness scene worked yet, and I didn’t have the connection with the dance community I had developed in New York through which to meet and hire trainers.  However, Ceci came highly recommended to me from a trusted source, and I know she needed to be my first trainer the minute I met her!
One of the first things you notice about Ceci is her confidence, intelligence, and warm energy.  She is such a grounded and knowledgeable fitness professional, and she is extremely willing to learn and grow in the industry.  Ceci also happens to be an aerialist, a beautiful dancer, a choreographer — and a singer,  I just learned from her interview below!  The list of her talents go on and on!
Those who train with Ceci rave about her knowledge and care in her workouts, and she’s also very challenging.  If you have a chance to work with her, you are definitely lucky!  Check out her interview below.  I am truly grateful to have set up my business the right way here in Denver and I thank Ceci for helping make that possible.  
Full name: Cecilia Potter Whyel
Where were you born?  Concord, MA
Where did you grow up?  Acton, MA

photography by Chelsea Chorpenning

What’s your biggest passion? DANCE! I am a contemporary/modern dancer and aerialist. I teach, perform, and choreograph in the Greater Denver Area. 
Tell me about your career. Have you changed directions? If so, why? I went to Elon University and graduated with a BA in Theatre and a dance minor. I absolutely loved my instructors at Elon and decided to pursue dance as a career. I picked up my life in North Carolina and headed to the University of Oregon to get my MFA. After my first year, I decided that I wanted to jump into professional performance. I felt extremely conflicted on where to head next– I love the outdoors so NYC and LA did not seem to be a good fit. My boyfriend at the time (now my husband) had an internship in Denver and I fell in CO during my first visit. Once more I moved across the country and settled in Boulder. The dance scene in Boulder introduced me to several different performance companies and the world of fitness. The rest is history! 
What do you wish you knew when you were younger? Nothing ever goes the way you plan it, so you might as well enjoy the ride. 

photography by Chelsea Chorpenning

What’s your fitness fashion style?  Capri leggings (I’m insanely short so they fit me about ankle length) and a crop top. I have SO many crop tops! 
What’s the best piece of health/wellness/dance advice you’ve ever gotten? Develop anatomical integrity. Every body is unique like a snowflake. When you get to know the intricacies of your physical structure and how fully you can move, the possibilities are endless. 
What’s your guiltiest pleasure? I am a secret (or maybe not so secret) nerd. I love fantasy and adventure genres (think LOTR, Star Wars, GOT, anything Marvel–you name it). 

photography by Chelsea Chorpenning

What quality do you really cherish about yourself? I am very honest (New England girl at heart) and always my most authentic self. 
What’s something most people don’t know about you (that’s maybe a little funny or weird)?  I was a classical vocalist for over 15 years. 
Anything else about you that I missed?  When I am not dancing, I am most likely hiking, camping, or whitewater rafting in the mountains. 

photography by Chelsea Chorpenning

Why are women abandoned after they have babies??

Why are women abandoned after they have babies??

The question we ask every day and the reason we created a special gift for new moms


I have been asked many times why I decided to start my own company.  Frankly, I had never considered doing something like that for most of my life.  However, my early experiences in the fitness industry watching women struggle with fitness in the times that mattered the most were incredibly impactful to me.  Pregnant women in fitness classes around me had no idea how to modify their workouts appropriately. And frankly, many of us working in studios had no idea how to really help them.  (Even when we knew general principles, each individual woman was a mystery to us — after all every pregnancy is SO different!)  

And perhaps most mysterious to all of us was the time after birth.  

“You’re cleared!”

After having babies, women around me in my first studios were jumping right into their old fitness routines and experiencing so many problems — Peeing when they jumped for the first time (and for YEARS afterwards!), experiencing deep pelvic pain, developing a “mom pooch” that never went away and accompanied years of back problems and hernias, and even needing pelvic and abdominal surgery.  And so many of them had been told that they were “cleared” for exercise without careful instructions on how to approach fitness in ways that may have mitigated some of these problems.

I watched in these early years with so much frustration and empathy for these women  – and perhaps with worry about my own future journey. There seemed to be so little specific guidance for women at a time that can feel so lonely and scary all the way around.  

I knew at that moment in my fitness career that I needed to take charge and find out how to be a better resource.  Even as I created my own company 8 years ago and put pre- and postnatal fitness at the forefront of our mission, I had no idea how immersed we would become in this world — and how much information over the course of so many years we would need to gather from fitness experts and also from physical therapists, nutritionists, body workers, and psychologists to get the full picture of pregnancy and beyond.  And honestly, we are still learning.


Postnatal Life

I got a call out of the blue from Jennie Monness — superstar mom, founder of Mo Mommies and co-founder of Union Square Play if you haven’t heard of her already!  Jennie suggested that we consider offering a special session for recently new moms that people can give as a gift. Registries provide great ways to supply moms with the items they need for their babies, but a new mom is also so needy of help.  Why not create something that’s designed specifically to help support her physical recovery and also help her gain confidence and strength as she navigates her new life?

Why exercise?

To be honest, starting an exercise routine might feel like the lowest item on the list for a new mom.  She has so many other things to think about, and seriously — where is the time??

Exercising has proven to offer so many incredible benefits, and it’s one of the primary indicators of happiness according to recent reviews of research on correlations between mood and activity level.  For new moms, these benefits can be especially powerful. Exercise can increase energy levels that otherwise suffer from sleep deprivation. It also helps balance post-pregnancy hormones and can give moms more physical strength to prevent common injuries that occur from picking up, carrying, and feeding a baby for hours on end.  Exercise can help combat anxiety and depression. And even if it’s accomplished in small increments throughout the day, it can give new moms precious moments of time to focus on herself.

Our New Mom Workout Gift!

Coming out of our conversations with Jennie, we decided to create our New Mom Workout session!    For an in-person experience, we worked with our trainers to provide in-home sessions in Denver and NYC for only $85.  Don’t live in these areas?  No problem!  Virtual training is just as effective, and it only costs $65!  Whether virtual or in-person, this experience gives new mom the chance to try 45 minutes of our Body Conceptions workout and also learn some of the basic building blocks for proper postnatal recovery.  

Here is what’s included:

• Initial conversation/consultation by phone or email
• Diastasis check or guided self-check
• 45-minute postnatal-safe workout in the Body Conceptions method
• Core and breathwork designed for healing and postnatal conditioning 

If you are interested in buying one of these workouts for a new mom in your life, go to this link.  It will provide you more information as well as a portal to connect with us for next steps:

We are so honored to be involved in the recovery process for new moms, and this offering is a great way to show a new mom how much you understand her need for support.  


Coming full circle, I look back these days on my early connections to pre- and postnatal fitness.  It feels so heartening to be part of a solution for women that arms them with knowledge and provides a workout experience that is both challenging and profoundly healing.  Accomplishing this has always been a life goal and certainly one of the biggest reasons having this business continues to give me satisfaction every day. I look forward to helping more moms and also giving you the chance to be part of this process as well.

~ Mahri

Welcome to our new instructor, Piera Calabro!

You might think that Piera is fabulous from afar (and she IS), but her extra-special spark is evident the minute she begins speaking. Her energy is full of sunshine and infectious spirit that makes you NEED to stick around for more. She is such special ball of light, and we are incredible lucky to have her on our team.

Piera comes to us with a great background in fitness as well as dance and the performing arts. Her command of a space when she instructs is amazing, and you can’t help but laugh and have the best time with her while working to your limit. She also has a deep interest in women’s health that matches our mission.

Please read more about Piera in her interview below. (I personally share her obsession with ice cream and skincare regimens lol). And let us know if you want to meet and train with her. You will have a blast!



Full name:
Piera Calabro

Where were you born?
Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia

What’s your biggest passion?
Musical Theatre – whether it be performing in a show or attending one. In what other medium can you break out into song and dance when emotions have reached their pinnacle?

Tell me about your career. Have you changed directions? If so, why?
Initially, New York’s fitness industry intimidated me. I knew that I wanted to teach but didn’t know what studio would suit my personality. Luckily, I found Chaise Fitness and became certified as a group fitness instructor there. Pre and post natal fitness is an area of the industry I had always been interested in. I think it’s an incredibly delicate time for women and that attentive care and consideration should be taken to one’s health and well being. Finding Body Conceptions and hearing about Mahri’s ethos was like a breath of fresh air in the over-saturated machine that is fitness today. Our conscious approach to training clients allows for relationships that are built on longevity, compassion and honesty.  

What do you wish you knew when you were younger?
That being gay is ok!

What’s your fitness fashion style?
Anything Athleta

What’s the best piece of health/wellness/dance advice you’ve ever gotten?
Commit to a skin care regime both day and night from my mum!

What’s your guiltiest pleasure?

What quality do you really cherish about yourself?
My genuine care for others

What’s something most people don’t know about you (that’s maybe a little funny or weird)?
I am terrified of birds.

New Instructor Spotlight – Welcome Kate Havlicek!

The minute I met Kate Havlicek, I knew we needed to work with her! Kate has a confidence and a sweet and grounded radiance that makes you immediately feel comfortable around her. Already a seasoned instructor, she brings incredible authority to her teaching that’s rare in those who first start working with us. She is simultaneously humble and kind while also inspiring in her training style. In short — FABULOUS!!

I learned a lot of fun and new things about Kate in this interview, and I hope you enjoy getting to know her as well. For those of you who have the pleasure of working with her privately, you are lucky!!

~ Mahri

Full name: Catherine Ryan Havlicek (but I have always gone by Kate and I spell it with a K and Catherine with a C!)

Where were you born: Huntington, Long Island

Where did you grow up: I grew up in the town of East Hampton on the very east end of Long Island.

Biggest passion: Dance, movement, and fitness have always been some of my biggest passions. Moving my body in any way brings me the most joy, however I also have a deep love for film and am a huge movie buff!

Career: I worked for lululemon for many years, but also taught dance at the studio I went to growing up, while also teaching other fitness classes like barre and Zumba back in the day! My career has definitely become more centered around fitness as the years have gone on, and I am excited to be acquiring more knowledge about all aspects of fitness and personal training.

What do you wish you knew when you were younger: You do not have to live up to anyone’s expectations other than your own. There is no set path in life, or right or wrong way to live your life.

What’s your fashion fitness style: Pretty much always in mostly black, sleek mesh patterns on leggings, and fun crop tops. Love Michi, Alo Yoga, lululemon, and APL for sneakers!

Best health/wellness/dance advice: For wellness, definitely just to take care of yourself and make yourself a priority – love your body and acknowledge it for all that it is capable of. For dance, if you mess up the choreography, make it a solo!

Guiltiest pleasure: Binging 70’s & 80’s horror movies – they don’t even have to be that good. I just love them.

Quality you cherish about yourself: Being someone people often come to to talk to or open up to. I love being someone who can support other people, because I know I am so appreciative of the people in my life who I can turn to when I am in need.

Something people don’t know about you: I have an obsession with Quentin Tarantino and I have seen Inglourious Basterds more times than I could possibly count. I also do a pretty fantastic Velociraptor impression.

Getting to know Carlyn Rosenblum – an expert in Perinatal Nutrition

In our preconception, prenatal, and postpartum fitness work with women, we have repeatedly found that our clients lack information, are often misinformed, and can experience lots of fear – and it’s our honor to help them exercise and navigate the many physical challenges they experience.  In terms of diet and nutrition, we have fielded numerous questions from our clients who feel lost.  Where do they turn??

We have met a fabulous dietician in NYC who specializes in these life transitions, and we are thrilled to connect her with our community!  Carlyn Rosenblum, an experienced dietitian with specialized knowledge in perinatal nutrition, founded MTHR Nutrition specifically focused on nutrition and wellness during these critical periods.  When we got to know Carlyn, we immediately knew that her work complemented ours and needed to be shared!

Enjoy this fascinating interview with Carlyn, and contact her directly if you need her excellent services!

~ Mahri


1) Your name, and where you are from:

Carlyn Rosenblum MS, RD, CLC

New York City + San Francisco

2) Tell us about your business and what you provide:

MTHR Nutrition offers concierge nutrition + wellness services for women and families during pre-conception, pregnancy and postpartum. We provide custom counseling as well as other concierge wellness services (grocery store tours, pantry clean outs, cooking classes, meal prep, etc).

3) What made you decide to move in this direction as a business? Could you talk a little bit about your journey getting here?

Through my training as a dietitian I learned that the perinatal period was a critical time for nutrition, both in achieving a healthy pregnancy, but also in impacting the future health of the child (and even the child’s child). However, I quickly discovered that this area of nutrition was not getting the attention it deserved. There was also a world of misinformation, creating confusion, stress and frustration for many women wanting to do right for their body and baby. 

I have always felt that if you can help change the health and nutrition of a mother, you can help change the health and nutrition of her entire family. From an intervention standpoint being able to foster health promotion and chronic disease prevention simply by building a healthy environment in-utero is extremely powerful, yet for many women despite good intentions it does not always happen. 

I wanted to build a business that could support women during this important time for nutrition by providing reliable, evidence-based information and guidance so that they could focus on the joy and beauty of pregnancy. 

4) What are a few of the nutrition challenges women face during and after pregnancy? 

For many women, pregnancy often represents a departure from one’s “normal” eating habits. Body and hormonal changes, food symptoms, and aversions can all complicate one’s ability to maintain a healthy diet. During pregnancy I work with my clients to help increase the nutrient density of their meals and fit nutrition into their “new normal”. The postpartum period is uniquely challenging, especially because of societal pressures on new moms to immediately return to their pre-pregnancy body instead of allowing the body to properly heal. 

5) You also help women navigate fertility. Of the many things you tell women, do you have 3 tips you might suggest to help women think about supporting fertility with their food choices?

  • Quit sugar! In my opinion sugar is the #1 fertility sabotaging food. ALL sugar, even natural sugars can wreak hormonal havoc so it is important to be conscious of even healthy sugar like fruit and limit it to 1 serving at a time, and no more than 3 servings in a day ( FYI 1 serving is only 1/2 a cup).
  • Don’t be afraid of fats: Fats are essential for healthy hormone production and maintaining blood sugar balance, so if you are trying to get pregnant you want to make sure you are including enough in your diet. Swap fat-free products (especially dairy) for their full fat alternatives. That being said, not all fat is created equal! Focus on Omega-3s (Wild Salmon, Chia Seeds, Hemp Seeds and Walnuts) and unprocessed monounsaturated fats (Olive Oil, Avocado and Almonds). 
  • Eat more plants: Research shows that women who consume more plant-based proteins have improved fertility. I like to have my clients consume at least one plant-based meal per day and focus on consuming eggs and fish over other animal-based proteins. 

6) We truly believe that fitness does not exist in a vacuum (especially during pregnancy!) and look for knowledgeable practitioners to refer our clients when they need support in other areas like nutrition. How could we as trainers help YOU do your job better with our clients? How might we work together?

I definitely believe in a holistic approach to wellness. As trainers, you can encourage your clients to seek nutrition support from a licensed registered dietitian such as myself who can compliment their training. There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to nutrition and fitness. Every body is different.  What works for one person may not work for another, and nutrition and exercise need to reflect those differences. Working closely together to create a personalized nutrition and fitness plan can provide clients with the best outcomes. 

7) What do you love the most about your work?

From a very young age, I knew I wanted my work to serve something beyond just myself. No amount of money in the world would bring me the same amount of joy as when a client tells me how much I have helped them to finally feel healthy and happy in their body so they can get pregnant, have a healthy pregnancy, or feel good about how they feed their family. 

8) How can our clients contact you and use your services?

They can reach out to me directly via email at  or visit my website to book a discovery call. 


Carlyn believes that feeling your best starts with good nutrition—but also involves how you think, live and show up for yourself physically and emotionally. Many women today feel out of sync with their bodies—especially when it comes to pregnancy. Carlyn works to help you uncover the hidden obstacles keeping you from feeling your best and teaches you how to listen and honor your body by focusing on what healthy means to you. Carlyn is a registered dietitian, with a Master’s Degree in Nutrition from NYU. She also obtained her CLC certification from the Healthy Children’s Project. Carlyn is the Founder and CEO of MTHR Nutrition a concierge nutrition counseling service for women. Carlyn dedicates her work to supporting women during the  preconception, prenatal and postpartum periods, which represent an important yet complex time for nutrition. Carlyn takes a science-based, personalized approach to health. She believes that everyone is different, and nutrition should also take into account those differences.

Prenatal chiropractic can be a life-saver! Meet Denver’s expert, Dr. Lauren Love

As I began expanding and meeting people in Denver, I felt especially lucky to get to know the women of Fertile Ground Wellness Center.  Fertile Ground is a “compassionate integrative” health care center that provides women and families with thoughtful treatment across a wide range of health care concerns.  I was especially impressed with Dr.  Lauren Love, an incredibly skilled chiropractor who’s known for her house calls, expertise in prenatal treatment, and her work with infants and children.

I have found that prenatal chiropractic can sound scary to women who aren’t familiar with the practice.  And there can be lots of fear surrounding chiropractic in general.  Through my experience getting treated by Dr. Love,  I quickly realized how grounded, intelligent, and skilled she was.  And I felt like she would be the right person to help others understand how her work could be so beneficial.

Enjoy getting to know Dr. Love, and feel free to reach out to her if you live in the Denver area.  She’s in high demand — but you may be lucky to grab an appointment!

~ Mahri


Your name, and where you are from:

Hi everyone! I am Dr. Lauren Love and I am originally from Fort Lauderdale, Florida but moved to Denver, Colorado 3 years ago with my husband.

Can you tell us a little bit about your background?  What exactly do you do?

I am a second generation chiropractor who grew with up with both parents being chiropractors. My upbringing very much revolved around the “chiropractic lifestyle” which meant receiving regular chiropractic adjustments and following a holistic way of life. 

I decided to become a chiropractor after finishing high school and went to Florida State University where I received my Bachelors in Exercise Science. After finishing my undergrad, I went to Logan Chiropractic College in St. Louis, Missouri and graduated with honors and my Doctorate in Chiropractic (D.C.).  I now dedicate my practice to care for pregnant women, infants and kids in Denver, CO. What’s unique about my practice is a I am house call chiropractor, which means I bring my care to my patients homes for ultimate convenience and high quality care.


This a big question – but what is chiropractic?  Is there a philosophy behind why someone might want to seek chiropractic care? 

Chiropractic is a form of alternative medicine which involves diagnosis and treatment or “adjustments” of spinal misalignments. The philosophy of chiropractic focuses on body’s innate ability to heal itself and how the structure of the spine affects the function of the nervous system.

When and if our spine becomes misaligned, the increased stress on the spine can lead to irritation of the spinal nerves. Spinal nerves ensure proper communication from our brain to our bodies’ cells, tissues, organs and organ systems. Therefore, if the spine is misaligned this can ultimately have an effect on our nervous system and how well our brain and body communicates and functions overall.

Someone might want to seek out chiropractic care if they are looking for a natural and holistic way to ensure their bodies are performing at optimum. Another reason patient seek out chiropractic care is for natural pain relief. When our spines are under increased stress, misalignment can occur, often leading to uncomfortable symptoms like lower back pain, neck pain and tension.

We have a huge pregnant clientele.  What are the primary reasons pregnant clients seek your services?  What are the biggest benefits you see from your prenatal adjustments?

Many women are realizing the benefits of regular chiropractic care for a healthier and more comfortable pregnancy and as they prepare for safer and easier birth. Pregnancy is the one time in a woman’s life where hormonal and structural changes can lead to dysfunction and imbalance in the body which is completely normal. As the belly grows and hormones increases relaxation of pelvic ligaments, the body’s center of gravity shifts forward leading to imbalances in the pelvis and even the uterus.   

Women often seek out my care for help with: 
– Lower back pain
– Pelvic or pubic bone pain
– Optimal fetal positioning
– Upper back tension
– Rib pain
– Heartburn

Women under regular chiropractic care during pregnancy often benefit from less discomfort, increased relaxation, decreased tension, and faster and easier labor and delivery with less need for medical interventions! Studies show chiropractic care can decrease labor and delivery times in 1st time moms by 24% and in second and third time moms by 31%.

 When during pregnancy do you think chiropractic might be a better choice than another form of bodywork?  On the flip side, is there any time when you would not recommend chiropractic — e.g., any specific conditions or period in pregnancy?

I am an advocate of chiropractors being a part of the pregnancy health team. I work with many other birth workers in my community including: acupuncturist, massage therapist, physical therapist, doulas, midwives, and OB GYNs to ensure my patients receive the most comprehensive care. That being said each one of these health professionals has their own expertise so if a pregnant women’s concerns involves the spine and/or musculoskeletal systems that is the chiropractor’s expertise! 

Chiropractic care is safe from preconception up until labor and delivery and can even be very helpful postpartum. Since I work hand in hand with other health professionals if a condition which could possibly put mom at increased risk arises I will make to refer her to the right person so she receives the attention and care she needs. 

How do you respond to clients who are nervous about the concept of someone doing spinal adjustment during pregnancy? 

Chiropractic care during pregnancy is extremely safe, gentle and effective. Patients will often voice their concerns to me during our phone consultation or first visit and I do my best to educate them on how gentle the chiropractic adjustment is and how it works to help them achieve their pregnancy goals. I also assure them that I have studied and trained to treat pregnant patients more than the average chiropractor and have been certified in Webster Technique which is a specific chiropractic technique for the pregnant patient. 

What do you love the most about your work?

I love educating my patients about the changes that occur to their bodies and choices they have during pregnancy, labor and delivery and helping them experience a more comfortable and healthy pregnancy experience. 

How can I contact you and use your services?

I offer free phone consultations for all new patients where we can discuss concerns, review health goals and find out how chiropractic can help them during pregnancy, postpartum or with their growing families. 

I can also be reached by phone (303)-720-6911 or email (), and check out my website at

I travel to my patients homes for house call visits in the Denver metro area and surrounding neighborhoods Tuesday through Friday. I also work at Fertile Ground Wellness Center in Greenwood Village for in-office visits on Mondays. 



As a second generation chiropractor, Dr. Lauren had dedicated her practice to caring for growing families so they too can benefit from healthier and fuller lives with chiropractic care. Dr. Lauren focuses on pre and postal chiropractic care and practices various gentle chiropractic techniques, including The Webster Technique. These gentle, safe and effective techniques allow her to provide specialized care for the changing spine and pelvis during pregnancy. Dr. Lauren’s passion is helping women achieve more comfortable pregnancies as well as shorter and easier labor and delivery. Dr. Lauren also understand how sometimes its hard to find time for self-care in our busy lifestyles and that is why she started her business of bringing chiropractic into the home. Chiropractic house calls are a convenient healthy solution that allow you to receive the care you deserve without the hassle or added stress!

Our new instructor, Emily McElwain, is a beam of light!

Emily is the kind of person who lights up a room the minute she enters.  She has such an enthusiastic and sweet energy, which makes working out with her such a fun experience.  

I saw this energy in Emily at our audition, and it has continued to grow as we’ve gotten to know her.  Her transparency as a person has also been extremely refreshing — and so hard to find!  I am excited to have found Emily and look forward to introducing her to you.  Read more about here (and her Louis Armstrong impersonation!), and be sure to take her class this Sunday, April 29th. Even as you drip with sweat, she will keep you smiling!!

~ Mahri

Full name:  Emily Claire McElwain 

Where did you grow up?  Sioux City, Iowa (Northwest Iowa) in a beautiful home just on the outskirts of the city. 

What’s your biggest passion?  

My biggest passion is dancing & spending time with my loved ones! I’m also very passionate about seeing the world, experiencing new things, and spending time in the sun at the beach.  

Tell me about your career. Have you changed directions? If so, why?

I am a professional dancer in NYC, so my career has taken many-a shifts in the last year and a half. I began in the city with the hopes to join a modern/contemporary dance company and that led me to finding multiple survival jobs that weren’t worth my time and energy. I lost hope and interest in that pursuit, until, I found an incredible mentor who sparked a fire in my contemporary training. This training has become more for my own self enjoyment/fulfillment than any financial or success driven needs. Recently I’ve taken great interest in musical theatre! In the last few months I performed in the musical Grease at the Palace Theatre and I’ve found jobs to support these musical theatre dreams that are exciting and fulfilling. I am a dance and yoga teacher for youth programs in the city and I’m finding a great appreciation for health and fitness. Entering the world of fitness has been a new and exciting experience for me and I’m very inspired by the BoCo team in many ways. I know these fitness/health interests will develop into an even greater love and passion with time and cultivation! 

What do you wish you knew when you were younger?

As a child I wish I had practiced yoga and realized how much I love avocados! 

What’s your fitness fashion style?

I am all about comfort! I love a good print legging with a comfortable flowing top. Athleta is one of my favorite spots to find a cute and comfortable workout outfit. But, I’m also all about thrifting and finding a great deal!  

What’s the best piece of health/wellness/dance advice you’ve ever gotten?

Don’t waste your time doing anything you don’t love. 

Always be fully present in what you do. 

Full out or get out!

What’s your guiltiest pleasure?

LOVE sweets so very much. I could eat a pound of chocolate a day! 

What quality do you really cherish about yourself?

I am a very positive person and I really love making people smile.

What’s something most people don’t know about you (that’s maybe a little funny or weird)?

My little secret talent is my Louis Armstrong impersonation. As a child I grew up on 50’s & 60’s music and movies and fell in love with Louis and his incredible, unique and soulful voice. 

NYC Fitness Program

You have to meet Our #FocusedForFall Challenge Winner and Close Runner Ups!

Athleticism Challenge

Wrap-Up Party at Athleta Soho

It’s hard for me to believe that the #FocusedforFall challenge has ended already. It feels like we were planning our partnerships and signing people up to begin just yesterday!!

This was an especially interesting challenge for me personally. I started traveling back and forth to Colorado to expand the business and began relying on my team to run the challenge more than ever before. I was hearing good things but did not realize the true extent of the commitment and excellence of everyone involved until I started checking in on challengers and looking at their progress. I was seeing bigger changes than ever before in challenge history! And the enthusiasm of the challengers was off the charts!!!

I owe so much to our instructors who took so much interest in each and every one of our challengers and helped so many of them reach — and far exceed – their personal goals. It is a testament to their amazing teaching and communication skills, and I thank them deeply. I am also incredibly proud of Roxanne, Sarah, and Katie for the amazing work and dedication they put into the challenge. Their results were so inspiring, and we are so happy to introduce each of them to you here. Thank you also to Kathleen O’Neill for coordinating these interviews.

Enjoy, and Happy Thanksgiving!!



 Challenge Winner: Roxanne

NYC Fitness Program

Tell us about yourself! 

I’m 29 years old, and I was born and raised in New York. I lived in Philadelphia for a few years during my college years, while I studied Political Science and Art History, but eventually came back to my roots. I love New York more than words can ever describe. I still wake up everyday thinking how fortunate I am to live here. I think most people would say I’m pretty optimistic and keep an upbeat attitude. My motto in life is to live passionately and deeply.

Describe your career and how you originally got into the industry! 

I’m currently a Recruitment and Selection Coordinator at a charter school in Long Island City.  Before I got into this role, I had been working in education for several years and did my graduate work in Public Administration and Policy.  I began to help with hiring a bit at the school, and when a full-time position opened up that would allow me to handle recruitment and selection for the school full-time I jumped at the opportunity. I love what I do and feel so lucky that I get to work in such a rewarding field.  On a daily basis I get to meet really interesting people that are passionate and excited about their work.

How did you find out about Body Conceptions’ challenge? 

My amazing nutritionist, Priya Lawrence, had been raving about the classes.  She suggested that I take on the challenge. At first I was super nervous (by nature I’m not a competitive person at all) but fell in love with the BoCo community and the incredible instructors.  I knew that the challenge would be a great opportunity for me to push myself in a way that I hadn’t done before. I remember feeling like a complete failure during my first class with BoCo with Julia, because we had been working on parts of the body that I hadn’t work on before, but she made me feel so great about everything after and really encouraged and helped me throughout the challenge.

What kept you motivated throughout the 4 weeks? 

The pure feeling of excitement and joy. I loved going to class knowing that I was part of an incredible group of women really dedicated to their health and happiness.  I would set small goals and milestones for myself, and achieving them was a feeling like no other.

How did it feel when you found out you won?

I felt like I had won the lottery! It was the craziest thing and totally unexpected.  There were tears (of joy of course!).  I’m definitely not used to winning things, so it was a complete shock.

What are you going to do now that the challenge is over? 

I want to continue going to class several times a week, and make sure that even though the challenge is done I’m still dedicating that time each week to my health and well being.

What do you do for fun when you’re not working or working out? 

My friends make fun of me that I’m a tourist in my own city. I’m a huge art geek and love checking out the latest exhibitions around the city  One of my favorite pastimes is also trying out new bars and restaurants.  I also love to travel whenever I can get a chance to escape.

What’s your favorite BoCo exercise? 

I love the dance portions of the workout. Any chance to let loose and blow off steam is like music to my ears.

How does BoCo compare to other workouts you’ve tried? What makes it special? 

I get bored easily in classes, but BoCo has this wonderful way of really engaging me and keeping me excited.  I think that what makes it special is that no two workouts will ever feel the same, and there is such a variety of exercises in each class.

What advice do you have for future challengers to succeed? 

I really believe that the sky is the limit, and if you really put your mind to something it’s really truly possible.  Believing in yourself is so important. Keep at it, even if there are more difficult weeks. It all pays off.


First Runner-Up: Sarah

Workout Company

How was the Body Conceptions challenge meaningful to you at this time in your life?

I truly don’t think there’s enough room here to accurately articulate how meaningful this challenge has been for me. For me personally, this year has been an education on how to take control over my health, but also on how to let go of the harsh internal voice that has been responsible for my self-deprecation for so long. Body Conceptions stepped in at the perfect time, when I needed the positivity and encouragement the most. The challenge was an amazing way to push myself physically, but it did so much more for me mentally than I could have realized. Knowing that I could come to place where people were welcoming and excited to see me after a horrible day at the office or a stressful week was so good for me emotionally. I’m at an interesting time in my life where I feel like many things are a bit out of my control (aka I’m almost 30), so it meant the world to come to a positive place for an hour and focus on something that I knew would make me happy. The teachers and the students were both so important to the success of this challenge and it says a great deal about Body Conceptions as a whole that this place constantly attracts the most amazing people. I’m a BoCo-er for life.


Second Runner-Up: Katie

Body Conceptions by Mahri

How was the Body Conceptions challenge meaningful to you at this time in your life?

I just moved to New York City a few months ago and have found the transition to be both incredible and difficult. Finding my personal rhythm is taking me some time–from jobs to workouts to where to go for brunch. It all takes time, I know this–logically.

But emotionally, I can often feel frustrated with myself for not being perfect right away, I get discouraged when a process takes a long time and those negative feelings make me feel lonely and isolated.

All of that being said I did the BOCO challenge because I was ready to let go of the negative feelings and connect to myself in a new way. That way of connection to self was to connect to something larger. For me that was Dance. Dance has always been a part of my life but as I got older it slipped away from me without me realizing it. My first BOCO class was a lightbulb moment. I remember how much fun I have when I dance. I felt renewed leaving class sweaty and sore. I connected.

On top of all of this the instructors create not only a safe space that is all about being strong and alive but also a place that is full of joy.

And that is what really has made this journey so meaningful to me. I find joy when I go to class that stretches throughout my life. Like shining a flashlight on a dark corner, BOCO inspired me to live my life with more joy and always find time every day to dance.

Creating a Career from Your Passions with Mahri Relin

Many who know me in New York City know that I performed in the musical theater world for many years, both in the US and around the world.  I was an extremely passionate performer, but I wish I knew a few things then that I know now.

Jane Jourdan of Fit for Broadway has dedicated her life and work to helping aspiring Broadway performers as they navigate their careers and seek health and wellness support in the process.  In her first ever Fit for Broadway Workshop, Jane will present an amazing roster of Broadway stars and fitness and wellness experts who will introduce their workouts, provide words of wisdom and tell their personal stories — with great food and snacks to boot.  Hurry, there’s still time to sign up here!!

This post first appeared on Fit for Broadway on September 7, 2016.  I am honored to be one of the featured fitness experts at the workshop and to share my passion with the group — at a workshop I wish was available to me when I started out several years ago!

~ Mahri

Creating a Career from Your Passions – with Mahri Relin

Following my passion is a non-negotiable for me. The moment I decided to leave my clinical neuropsychology graduate program many years ago — along with almost everything I was taught I “should” do – I knew I would never turn back. I started a much more authentic and joy-filled life as a dancer, and I truly became me. I knew I could never return to my habit of listening more to others than to myself about what I needed to do, or what was the “right” thing for my future.

If you have also chosen life as a performer, then you know what I mean. If you truly love something like that so much, you know that it’s a calling you can’t ignore. And you have to test your limits, abilities, and opportunities as much as possible.

But what about those others things in life necessary for survival that might seem painful or scary? Like making money when you’re not performing to support your New York rent? Or planning the next step after performing life doesn’t make sense to you anymore?

I was starting to grapple with those questions at the exact time I was invited to audition for the Tracy Anderson Method studio 7 years ago. I had been traveling a ton, and I was getting tired of living out of a suitcase. I also knew that turning back to the temping route again between jobs was too unpredictable (and boring!).

I was thrilled to be hired at TAM – and more importantly, it opened up a world of music and movement that was exciting for me as a dancer. It shaped and strengthened my body beautifully, and it finally allowed me to focus on helping other people rather than just myself! I was HOOKED!!

I’m not going to say that life in fitness is all fun and games. I work very hard physically every day, and I take educating myself and staying organized in service of my clients really seriously. But I have to say that the experience of creating movement to amazing music and shaping each workout for each individual client is thrilling, challenging, and fulfilling all in one. I get to hear what’s going on in my client’s lives and shape workouts for them that fit their individual bodies while helping them to let off steam. And I do everything with them so that I can lead and motivate them. Not every method is like mine, but I feel so lucky to have been able to create something that makes me feel stimulated, healthy, and connected with my clients all in one. And I feel like I can fulfill my passion every day as an expressive dancer who also has a valuable background in psychology. I many not be done with my dance career completely, but I feel so lucky to continue living out my dream in a new way.

I’m sure some of you must be wondering — how can you make something like this happen for you, too?

I have some tips for performers hoping to add fitness to their lives and careers. There are definitely some important things to know if you’re really serious about making a move like this:

*  Do your research:  Take classes all over the city. Figure out which methods and studios speak to your body and to you as a person
*  Get to know the instructors:  Find out how they feel about working there and if they feel supported by each other
*  Figure out how the company handles performers:  Some companies allow performers to keep performing and leave when they need to leave. Others don’t allow this. If you want to keep performing, be very clear about this with management
*  Connect with the owner/hiring manager before auditions are held:  Show them how great you are – how positive, collaborative, flexible, hard-working, and reliable you can be. You will have a big advantage in the audition room
*  Go for it!:  Adding fitness to your routine is extremely good for you as a dancer. I wish I had know about fitness work much sooner in my career. I would have had more stamina, a stronger core, and more control of my body. Even if you don’t decide to work in the field, definitely take some classes. You’ll love them!!

Feel free to reach out to us. We would love to meet you!! You can find out more about Body Conceptions at, and email us at admin@bodyconceptions.